Collection: DM Screen

Wood Burned Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Screen with Initiative Tracker and inlaid steel brackets. (Personalization optional)


Closed: 15 3/4 inches long x x 11 3/4 tall
Open: 31 1/2 Inches Long x x 11 3/4 tall

This Dungeon Master Screen is designed with wood burning with a graphic of your choice and the option of a personalization message. The screen is assembled with bronze colored hardware and stained with your choice of finish. This screen will help create the perfect mood for your DND game sessions. Hide 3d models, character sheets, and guide books behind the wide screen. Use a magnet to hang documents you wish to keep hidden on the steel plates at the top of each panel. Utilize the groove cut into the top of the screen to display character initiative during combat.

Every screen is handmade when ordered. Please expect up to a week between the placement of your order and shipment. Delivery services will be provided through UPS Parcel Select Ground Servi